Tori Evans is an exceptional young Minneapolis based singer/songwriter. Singing of Love, heartache, female empowerment and angry breakups, Tori is a “MUST SEE” rising star in the Minnesota music scene. Inspired by Lady Gaga, Adele and Amy Winehouse, Tori has a powerful jaw dropping voice that will leave you breathless. Suzy Plays Guitar includes Minneapolis-based Kelsey Wyrd and Tricia Schweitzer. Their musical duet was born under the shining sun amidst the sweltering heat of summer in 2018. Kelsey Wyrd has a tenacious musical background. She is the lead guitarist, writing playful solos that bring never-ending magic to the Suzy sound. Tricia Schweitzer is a singer, songwriter, and painter. The combined warmth of a beloved acoustic guitar with her sultry voice provides the solid groundwork of Suzy's songs.