1. Mischief

@Riehl Studios


Bet I know where pops hid the alcohol
Gettin' into mischief tonight
We can go a-dancin' at the Legion Hall
Gettin' into mischief tonight!

Prim and proper......why bother?

Herbs are growin' in the sunshine
Gettin' into mischief tonight
That don't smell like sage or thyme
Brownies in the oven and we're feeling fine!

Prim and proper.......why bother?

Older brother Joe said we crossed the line
Got in too much mischief tonight
Everybody's havin' such a real good time
Smilin' and sippin' on some moonshine

Prim and proper.......why bother?


Mama's got something in the cookie jar, before you raid the cupboards

Be sure not to go to far

Fancy how we never seem to draw the line, better think twice before we’re doing time.

Prim and proper….why bother, ya why bother……can't do it every night…. Don’t go overboard

Gettin' into mischief …...to-night / Gettin' into mischief …...to-night
Oooh, oooh, oooh, yaaa

Gettin' into mischief to-night